At Master Panel we have implemented the most stringent controls in our production process to guarantee our customers a high standard of quality, as ensured by our ISO9001: 2008 certification, and supplemented by exhaustive tests carried out on every production batch in our own laboratory.

All our products bear the CE mark, which lets our clients know that our panels comply with current legislation.

In the last decade, polyurethane foams have evolved into construction elements with an excellent reaction to fire. In this context we should emphasize the polyisocyanurate foams (PIR), which are modified polyurethane foams whose molecules, unlike the linear chains of other polyurethanes (PUR), have a network structure that gives them fire-resisting properties. These foams have resulted in a new generation of panels called Master-PIR.

These panels are mainly characterized by their reaction to fire, and may be called self-extinguishing, which greatly reduces fire propagation and consequent smoke emissions. The polyurethane does not melt or drip when heated, and can help a building to resist the spread of fire. Master-PIR panels exceed fire safety standards and insurance requirements for a wide range of applications.

The reaction to fire of building panels is classified according to Euroclass UNE-EN 13501, which measures combustibility, quantity and opacity of smoke, and the fall of burning particles.


Classification Report No.: 3066T16

Classification obtained in the laboratories of the Association for the Promotion of Research and Fire Safety Technology (AFITI), experts in the study of fire performance of multiple products used in construction.


Report number: 102643891SAT-001A

ASTM E84 | Flame spread index: 20 | Smoke developed index: 300 | Class A

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